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Crazy Weekend

But a good one, overall. It started off very oddly. I accidentally slept 11 hours Thursday night and had such vivid, strange dreams that it made off of Friday feel very surreal and off-kilter. I thought I saw a Bald Eagle hopping around downtown Friday morning, for example, for a moment and from a distance. It turned out to be a raven with a drink cup stuck over its head. I felt like that raven all day long. I think the whole thing started while I was still sitting in a cafe, indulging in a rare cup of coffee and reading the paper looking for mentions of ATY. That was how I came across the fact that they have released the first season of Fame on DVD.

Fame. On DVD

Now, I was a huge fan of this show and I honestly thought I was the Last Fan on Earth. I thought the only way I would see the show again would be to drag out the video tapes I made of the death rattle that was the final season on a Canadian network. I thought the only way I would hear Desdemona again would be to try to excavate the record albums still at my parent's house. I never thought there would be a call for this show to turn up on DVD. I'm honestly floored.

Normally, this kind of thing would send me screaming to my Amazon Wish List. Do not pass Go. Do not pretend to get any work done. Go straight to the @squee-ing and the hemorraging bank account. But this time, for once, I feel I should be cautious. I know, in my heart of hearts, that this was a cheesy show. I understand that even the nostalgia factor might not save it from the suck. Do I want to face that? More importantly, do I want to spend my money or a gift-giving occasion on that?

Yeah, I Netflix-ed it the second I got home. I'm a sucker, but I'm a cheap sucker.

Saturday was a little better, at least on the reality scale. Mark had an audition where he hit a home run as the one part he doesn't want to play. He's not feeling good about that. I'm trying to keep his hopes up for the callbacks.

We went to see Kafka Dances with </a></b></a>scooterpbakes and </a></b></a>kahteeyah. Overall, I thought the show was well done with strong performances, but I just didn't care for the script. After that we went to a bonfire and then stayed up until 3 in the morning finishing the second season of Dead Like Me.

I'd been warned that the second season blew huge, hairy goats but I thought it was a good show, for the most part. It was one of those series where you have a fine time while you are watching it but, when you start to talk about it afterward and try to piece together the logic of how and why things happened that you start to realize they really copped out and you start to get pissed off. I think that, had there been a 3rd season, you could probably go back and pin-point the moment where It All Went Wrong. It was when they let Mandy Patinkin sing.

Now don't get me wrong - I like Mandy a great deal. I think he has a fabulous voice (though I wonder if he has ever used his chest for a moment). Sunday in the Park with George is one of my favorite shows. I even own one of his solo albums and that album is why I think Mandy was one of the most self-indulgent performers out there. (Yes, more that Shatner, </a></b></a>kornopolous, much, much more.) I especially don't think that his character on Dead Like Me should be a singer. I don't think he would have been if they didn't have MANDY. What really cracked me up is that, right before the scene where he sang, seconds before he warmed up that lilting Irish tenor, I turned to Mark and began to muse allowed on what an album by Mandy would be like these days. "Since he seems to be a lot less indulgent and more.....likely.....oh fuck."

Sunday we had the Breakfast Club at Cafe Amsterdam and then went to another Cordova/'Burner Family Safety Meeting. We went ahead and drew names for the Christmas Gift Exchange then instead of waiting for Thanksgiving. There are 2 people in the family who always leave me utterly stumped when it comes to gift-giving occasions. Of course, I drew one of them. Luckily I picked up a little something for that person over the summer, just in case, but now I have to come up with some other ideas.

After that we tried to get my computer fixed but the old girl staunchly refuses to accept aid. I mentioned that I'm thinking of just going with a cheap fix now and starting to look for a laptop that will play Sims and surf the internet. Mark and Rodney both latched onto this idea. The computer is covered with sites displaying refurbished laptops right now.

Rodney and </a></b></a>geolinguist came over for dinner and a movie last night. We made a pasta bar and watched Love Actually. It was a perfectly harmless little film. I liked the plot with Liam Neeson and The Cute Kid best. </a></b></a>geolinguist and I revived our game of "Predict that Cliche" for a little while. Basically the rules are that if you are able to predict what cliche will be indulged before the end of the scene, you have to drink. We had a wonderful time watching A View from the Top that way. I don't think I have ever been so drunk before 3 on a Saturday afternoon.

I'm supposed to be over helping out at ACT today but Ron is feeling under the weather so we are letting him sleep a while more before starting in on that. It's going to be interesting to see how all of this works out.

Probably more later. Definitely Christmas cards later on, if I can pry my ass off Neopets. It's not to late to put your name in for a card. In fact, we encourage that kind of behavior.
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