Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Winter Is Coming

The flocks of Canadian geese in the park behind the real estate office are thinning.  The Permanent Fund Dividend amount was announced today, the same morning the first traces of Termination Dust kissed the hills. 


Having the crud means lonelydumptruck and I have been exceeding our television quotas. Last week we discovered, and finished, From Dusk Til Dawn the Series which I believe brings the total of supernatural television shows we've at least checked into to somewhere around All Of Them (except, inexplicably, Supernatural.)


Also last week, lonelydumptruck went to help Dad and Lori-O prep apples for Lori-O's famous apple jack and came home with bags of reject apples, peels and a plan to make cider.  It's currently bubbling away in the arctic entry.  He also pickled a huge bag of mutant green beans Jay and Randi gave us.  Each bean is the size of a pea and should make for good eats.


The shows are going well and my hope is to get everything prepped to skate tomorrow night.  I'm also hoping to get a skit written for the Halloween sketch comedy show while I'm house managing tonight.  Cross your fingers for me.

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