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Okay, what have we learned today..

I had my yearly appointment with the allergist. The good news is that my lungs are still functioning and looking great. One aspect of my aspiration test is still at 102% so, go me. I got another lecture to stay on the Singulair if I want to really feel healthy. I got a new mix of albuterol that is now propellant free so FINALLY I can stop cracking jokes about asthmatics and cows being the largest threat to the ozone.

And, I found out why my asthma has been flaring so badly this year in spite of watching what I eat and doing my best to avoid triggers.

Nope, not my aversion to taking the Sigulair every day like a good little lunger.

Nope. Turns out the Advil and Motrin I've been sucking down like Smarties since last October and, yes, even the Naproxen prescribed to me by a Doctor who knows I'm aspirin-sensitive, and not "safe" drugs. All of them cross-react with aspirin and will cause symptoms.

Dumbass me.

I have a new prescription for something to replace the Naproxen and instructions to seek out a Celebrex prescription if it gets really bad. We're also going to consider desensitization therapy, though that is reportedly 4 very intense days with an I.V. and comes with 2 aspirin tablets a day for life or I will run the risk of resensitizing. I'm going to think long and hard about this one.

I also got my first flu shot today. I'm jumpy about the bird flu rumors and, being an asthmatic, I'm in the upper percentile of standing by to be fucked if the pandemic does occur.

That's the health and the weather is butt-numbing.
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