Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Still Recovering

I'm still tired from the weekend!  Wah!


I spent Sunday doing clean up and working the Aurora show.  We watched True Blood after, but none of the other Sunday shows.


Yesterday I went in to work at the Real Estate office and then did some piddly things towards the job hunt and house work.  I coached derby last night.  Riot made a huge deal about my birthday.  She brought in cupcakes and gave me a zebra stripped water bottle, a zebra stripped jewelry holder and a ton of Dove chocolates in a zebra stripped box.  Shit!  I left the chocolate in the car!  Have to fix that...


Today I  did errands for jr. derby (a president's job is never done) and had lunch with the lady who played Delores in The Audition.  She is so sweet.  We just gossiped and talked shop for hours.  She'd never been to Valdez as a performer before so she had a million questions for me about how I thought this year was.


I'm House Managing days the next two mornings, so I have to be there stupid-early (though not at 7 like I had stuck in my head, phew!!) but I'd best be starting my Hemlock Grove binge anyway.  Tah!

Tags: acting, derby, theatre, via ljapp

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