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Again, I am so sorry I haven't been posting or commenting much. 
I've been well, just rather overwhelmed, but I begin again here with inanity.


Our house, The Hidden Fortress, has been a gathering spot for strays lately.


Last week there was an amazing sunset* so lonelydumptruck and I went for a quick stroll around the neighborhood.  As we were passing Mama Sarah's house, I spotted a  black cat sitting in her driveway and I headed over to say hi.  I thought he might live there and we just hadn't met, but it became clear he was a young fellow on his own in the world even though he was really friendly and loved being skritched.  As I was loving on him, I heard lonelydumptruck call out "On your 6!"  I thought he was alerting the cat that I was there, then I got head-butted from behind by a little grey tabby fellow!


They followed us home and we sat outside with them for a while.  They are clearly young feral kids, not  house-cats on safari.  lonelydumptruck called them neighborhood toughs and I promptly named them Jay and Silent Bob.  We got them some water, tuna and some salmon snacks leftover from Gus and Pippi's last visit, but they were more interested in exploring the yard and taking turns venturing into the house and then running out.


I left tuna out for a couple nights, but there have been bear sightings around town and, even though they are far away it's better safe than smegged, you know? 


I've seen Jay once since then, he was nosing around during the bachelor party.  I'm a little worried about Bob.  He's all black and he's either on eye or it was badly hurt.  When a neighbor pulled out of their driveway, he immediate started heading TOWARDS it to investigate.  I worry for Bob.


Today at lunch lonelydumptruck opened the back door to go water the plants only to find a big golden retriever wandering up to him in that stoner "" way goldens have. 


We checked her tags and called the animal control number there to get her parent's address and phone number.  They also gave us her name, Chena. 


Their number was busy, so lonelydumptruck drove over to their house to tell them we had Chena  I gave her lots of lurve until her dad arrived and she went to see him in that "Hey...guy..." stoner way.


*we're still at the point where we don't get full dark, but there are great sunsets followed by long, long twilights

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