Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Opening Night!

"The Haunting of Hill House" opens tonight! After a very tense tech week, we had a pretty good preview last night. I feel good about having a paying public in to see the show. Some of the tech kids are a little too nervous/officious, but that always happens. I've learned to be absolutely sure why they want me to call an actor to the stage 20 minutes before his or her first entrance - it's usually because they are convinced the actor will miss it without help.

I do a check of the backstage sound system every night. I used to simply do a check and ask an actor to come tell me if they heard it, but that never worked. Finally, I began making the check "This is a test of the backstage com. Would someone please come give me today's password: milksop." I just pick a word that strikes my fancy. One cast (adults, really) refused to answer unless it was something obscene. I keep the ones for ATY very clean.

1. What words should I use for com check this week?

2. What is one of your favorite movie quotes?

3. Are you looking forward to the snow?
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