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As bad as today started out, I ended up the happiest camper in the world.

The Dr. appt. went very, very well. For those who don't care for all the gory details, that's all you need to know. For the curious...
The office was an utter ZOO! I had to wait forever between procedures, but I did so well on my pulmonary function test the Dr. proclaimed I have lungs like SuperGirl. 8 months ago, my inhale was flat and kind of spiky - it's supposed to be a perfect curve. That shape is what led him to order the nasal probe which showed it was not a vocal chord dysfunction like he thought but damage to my larynx from acid reflux. Today, I only had a teeny-tiny flat part and the rest was nice and round. There was only a little swelling and redness, which means I am VASTLY improved and I get to cut down the meds to once a day for 2 months, then leave them behind for ever. AND! He doesn't want to see me again until July! I was also able to get a nice straight answer about the deviated septum. It seems like every doctor has been upgrading the severity of it, so I started wondering if years of chronic swelling has pushed it more out of place. Turns out, it is kind of the opposite. He thinks I am "only" loosing 20% of my air intake to the deviation (hmmm...could that explain why I never feel like I get enough air when I'm a little congested?) but it's at an angle where the bone is pushing into the soft parts so when they swell up...pain and trouble. He also speculated that since the tissue was actually pushing over to avoid the bone, this has been an issue for most of my life. I'm going to bet I was born with it.
So the upshot - a lecture about staying on my Singular and happy dances all around!

Rehearsal went really well. The cast has bonded so when there is trouble, the total form a united front, which is great news. Jim and I cracked each other up by sort of delineating the duties/chain of command: The director asks for the sky. I, as Production Stage Manager, go to Jim and tell him what color the sky needs to be. Jim, as Producer, tells us blue paint is too expensive so it has to be green.

A few days ago Mark and I stayed up late to watch Millennium Actress, an animae movie by the same guy who made Perfect Blue. I'm in love. I adore how he composes shots.
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