Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Still Tired

I'm still recovering from that weekend!


I gave myself the night off from going in to the Real Estate job (but, naturally, now the last mail out is ready and should have been started yesterday) to catch up on some much-neglected housework.


Dad and Ila are in town (lonelydumptruck's dad and step-mom, for new friends) and staying over at Lori-O's, so we went over there for dinner.  They are still doing a lean-green diet, so it was really great grilled chicken and salad. 
When we got home we watched a really excellent documentary on the making of Night of the Living Dead called Birth of the Living Dead which got me, again,  thinking about producing the stage version of the movie.  lonelydumptruck finished his second script for the sketch comedy troupe and he's hoping to finish one more while I'm at Jr. Derby tonight.


And that is my boring life for today.

Tags: derby, family, food, movies, via ljapp, zombies
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