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A proper update from Valdez, land of milk and bunnies!

Okay, I stole that joke from one of the Fringe plays, an on-going police procedural skit where the two cops are investigating the death of a playwright (pronounced play-rig-it). It's basically an opportunity to roast different Conference attendees and mis-pronounce their names in new and hilarious ways. I'm loving it. Tonight we should find out who really dun-it.

The performance on Monday went very, very well! Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. Bruce from FairShakes wants us to tour to Fairbanks next month and one of the playwright/respondants with L.A. ties is looking into getting it produced there.

All of the evening shows have been incredible, really, as have the readings. There seems to be a secret theme of death and ghosts this year. Most of the playlab readings I've been too have featured people talking to deceased loved one without realizing they are dead or scripts with strongly magical/mythical themes. I don't think I've ever cried so much at the Conference.

lonelydumptruck just left to drive back to Anchorage a little bit ago and I miss him already.
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