Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Fun Little Meme

Go to Google and search your first and last name.

Are you the first hit that comes up?

How far down the hit list are you?

What is the first thing that is actually about you?

I used to be the first hit. I was quoted in an article about Alaskans' voting habits. Now I am the second one down and it's my recipe submission from when I worked for the Press. I didn't write the text above it, the editors put it in for me after they realized they forgot to tell me to include one. Since it was published with a picture of Mao and I (hence the 'don't let the cat talk you into sharing' comment), I would rather the flavor text read "This recipe comes from Mao's mother. It was found pinned to his collar when he was a kitten left outside a little family fish market and we make it for him every year on his birthday."
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