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One down....

I think my class went pretty well last night. I ended up with 10 students total, some of them I have never met before, 3 of them over 20. I was really nervous about blowing through my entire lesson plan at warp 10, especially when I looked own and realized I'd checked off 4 points before 6:30, but I just took a deep breath, relaxed as best I could and started to riff. I don't think I blathered pointlessly too much. What I was really surprised by was the fact that nobody recognized French Scenes. I knew they were going out of vogue even when I was in college, but not one of the kids had ever seen or even heard the term before. I didn't to the scene work this week, which will be great because next time I can do a quick review and then get it on it's feet and see what they remember about taking tech notes. I picked the opening scene from Harvey since there is so much description of costume and set in just the dialog. Next time I'm also going to get into blocking notes and different styles of notation. I'm open for suggestions.

1. What is your soft drink of choice?

2. What are you wearing?

3. What was the last thing you sent snail-mail?
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