Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Another Show to Bed

Well, to napping, since we are going to the Theatre Conference next month.  I wish more people had come, though we had good audiences this weekend.  I don't think I'll ever have a part like this again.


Friday night my derby wife and I met for snacks before the show.  We planned to go to Bubbly Mermaid, but it was so nice that she wanted to sit outside so I introduced her to Killjoy instead.  The owner remembered me and had a good laugh that I was back again.


Kornopolous also came to see the show.  The actor playing Harold and I had to stay after and do a bit of filming and Calamity couldn't stay but Kornopolous could, so I took him and Harold to....wait for it....Killjoy!  The owner got a huge laugh out of that, but now I can't go back until I have three people with me.  After that I went to meet lonelydumptruck, Stephanie and Geolinguist at Piper's., I couldn't talk them into going to Killjoy.


Saturday we had our cast party after the show.  It was delightfully low-key (and the show rendered Brent sub-verbal again, it was so good.)  Our leading lady and her husband let me ramble about Shakespeare and roller derby and Harold brought absinth so everyone could try a sip.  I excused myself early to come home for Geolinguist's going-away party and got to see almost everyone.


Sunday was my weakest show, but strike was swift and painless.  It almost took longer to say goodbye than to take down the set.  I'll miss my friends until Valdez.

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