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Killjoy Tasting Room!


This is a new little place downtown, right around the corner from Cyrano's.  It's nearly a hole in the wall.  I tried to go a couple weeks ago, but  it was after rehearsal so I was just there for the food and they had to close their kitchen early due to construction on the block.


I tried again tonight after seeing their Happy Hour food menu pop up on Facebook,  offerings like gouda, crab and prosciutto spread,  baked bacon, mac n' bleu cheese, wine braised beef sliders....yum!


When I arrived there was only one other person there, a lady sitting by the window. I ordered the spread and watched as the owner lured a tourist couple and a pair of business men in for drinks and snacks.   He was telling everyone about the business model of the place -  no big advertising push, just a lot of word of mouth.  And it's working!


I chimed in that I got it as a recommendation on Facebook and we all chatted nicely  for a few.  After a moment, the lady called across the restaurant "What did you order?"  I told her and she exclaimed "I almost got that!"  So I asked what she ordered, and it was the bacon mac 'n bleu cheese, which is what I almost ordered!


So I offered her a bite, and she offered me one.  We met in the middle of the restaurant to exchange tastes.  It was so much fun, I can't wait to take everyone I know!

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