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We're continuing to have incredibly weather, so sunny and warm.  lonelydumptruck has been walking or biking to work regularly.  I hate changing the wheels on my skates, I'm always afraid I'll mess it up somehow even though it is pretty simple, but I'm going to have to start doing it every week so I can do some outdoor skating between jr. derby practices. 


Last night our friend, Erica, had her wedding reception at Cyrano's.  Erica and Herman got married on Kodiak, but decided to have an additional party here.  They had the best gift registry I've ever seen -  it's a site called    Basically their registry was things like "We're going to Sitka and, obviously, we're going to need coffee to start our day!" So three people could say they were gifting $15 on that and print a certificate to include with the check.  We got them two certificates towards dinner at a restaurant they want to try.  It was easy, clever, adorable and I highly recommend it!


lonelydumptruck and Dave  D. rode their bikes down and then Dave came over and he,  lonelydumptruck, Geolinguist and I sat out in the backyard and shot the shit for a while.

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