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And A Good Weekend Was Had!

Ermergerd!  So busy but so good!  I want more!


Friday night we had a pretty good audience for the show and taped after, which made for a long day. I cracked up everyone and we had to stop shooting because I didn't get a chance to grab my prop book from backstage.  I'm supposed to look up from the book, terrified, and say "I don't want to do it!"  Everyone thought I'd jumped back 10 pages to the wrong scene when I gave my previous line "I don't have a script."  then just died laughing when I continued. "I really, really don't have a script!!"


While I was doing that, lonelydumptruck and CrownWench went to the VivaVoom/Wupt show debuting  Wupt's 8th guitsris (someone I worked with at the bookstore back in the Dark Ages.)  When I got home
lonelydumptruck made White Russians, Geolinguist threw together some queso and the three of us stayed up way, way too late watching The Big Lebowski.


Saturday was both the Eurovision Song Contest Finals and Free Dump Day!  We slept in a little while Geolinguist got donuts  and then I watched part of the contest with Pusheen and Geolinguist, then helped lonelydumptruck load Frankie's truck with yard waste and bits of concrete from the crawlspace, then returned to the couch for the final voting of the contest.  The voting was actually nail biting and I am so glad Conchita Wurst won!


After Eurovision wrapped, Geolinguist and I went to The Rustic Goat for a rather mediocre pepperoni pizza and sad beet salad.  lonelydumptruck met us for a few minutes before he had to rush to get ready for a photo shoot with VivaVoom and our official photographer and I had to get ready for the show.


Saturday's show was incredible!  We finally got a nice, big audience and we kicked ass! It was so great the kid who plays Brent kept trying to tell me how great it had been, but he was so overcome he couldn't form complete sentences so it kept coming out something to the effect of "And then your scene!  You and her talked.  And I know the words, but it was really happening!"


We filmed after the show again, hopefully for the last time.  We actually wrapped before 11, so I headed over to the Hotel  Captain Cook to look for lonelydumptruck and the photo shoot.  They rented out a suite to use but I didn't know the number, so I waited in one of the bars until he was done, then went to help clean up the rooms. They moved all the furniture around to make room, so people were still working getting it all put back and tidied until after 1. No one really wanted to stay even though the room was paid for, but lonelydumptruck knows I adore staying at hotels, so we took one for the team and stayed in the fancy-fancy suite.


lonelydumptruck woke up OMFG early Sunday morning.  I lazed and dozed a little after that, then we hung out for a bit before inviting Geolinguist to join us for brunch at the hotel.  The food was surprisingly good. They both got the strangest trio breakfast I've ever seen: a veggie scramble with two pancakes and one egg benedict and I got corned beef with sweet potato hash.  Sweet potatoes!


After brunch Geolinguist went to meet Stephanie to finish cleaning his apartment and we went home to do some yard work.  The yard work was easy and we even got some time to sit and read in the sun before I had to leave for the show.  It was a perfect Summer day in Spenard.  We could hear the chicken next door being butt-hurt about something on one side, Mama Sarah's three kids tearing it up in their yard two doors down on the other side and the ubiquitous "Peep! Peep! Peep!" of some urban wildlife fornicating in the trees across the street instead of in the pine tree over our heads.  Absolutely perfect.


The show went well.  We were back to having just a few people there, but they were the regular Sunday matinee crowd and they really seemed to enjoy it.


After the show lonelydumptruck and I did still more yard work,  Jay dropped off a bookcase he doesn't need anymore, and then Geolinguist, lonelydumptruck and I met MonkOfSilence at Beartooth to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It was....well, I didn't like it much.  Geolinguist walked out.   We had the option of meeting Kornopolous for a going-away party at/for Rancho Spenardo after the movie, but no one really felt up to it at the movie so we just bunkered and started in  Sunday night television.


  And it was good.

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