Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

New York New York!

Spamalot was wonderful. Our seats blew goats, though. We were in the back row of the mez. so we couldn't see anything happening on top of the castle set unless we practically climbed into the laps of the nice couple in front of us. I gave up during the Lancelot and Herbert scene and just sat on the floor. That actually helped a lot.

We saw Iron Chef Morimoto's resturant last night. The prices scared us away, since we were with Jeff A., so we went across the street for Bubby's Comfort Food. Between the brisket there and the pastrami sandwich from Carnegie Deli I think I ate an entire cow yesterday. We went on a pub crawl after dinner last night. That hurt.

We might try to go to Morimoto's place after seeing Avenue Q tonight, or we might go to one of Mario Batali's establishments. I am very torn since they are almost tied in my heart as 'favorite celebrity chef.' We might go to Coney Island with Jeff tomorrow night. If only we were staying 1 more night we could see the Pixies in concert and try to get tickets to see Marian Seldis in a new Terrance McNally play.

We shopped today. Yesterday I spent my Dividend at a theatre bookstore and today I fulfilled my other big goal for New York shopping - I bought a new suit. It's an Armani. I stop breathing everytime I think about that.

Almost out of time - see you tomorrow perhaps! :)
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