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I Am The Dumbest Ghost_Light Alive

I went and scheduled myself so I had no days off this week.


Monday I finally got to be on-skates for Jr. derby practice!  Wookie messaged me to ask if I was going to Royal just as I was headed to practice, and I was able to divert her to practice, plus CranBEARy Crush came to talk about the boot camp/tournament this weekend so we had three -THREE - refs!  I didn't have to ref scrimmage all by myself! We sent a lot of kids to the box for simple things, and some of them didn't even know the correct procedure for going to the box, so Wookie and I are going to have a little clinic Monday night.


Tuesday I was scheduled to work a lobby event at the PAC.  That was all the info I had, so I had no clue if it was a short little wine tasting, a wedding, or something in between.  Turns out it was the huge fancy Patron Diner that spanned two theatres and two lobbies.  Thank Zod  I wore my suit!


lonelydumptruck  met up with an old friend while I was working, the guy who owned Nemo's parents, in fact.  I missed dinner, but got to catch up with them at the house and sit in the backyard with them for I bit.  There are already mosquitos out, dammit!!


I worked at the PAC again last night.  This one was the finals of a student poetry slam where the winners are making up a team to travel to DC to compete.  The kids were amazing, but my ushers were having an off night and it led to a lot of frustration on my part.  I hate having to complain about volunteers in my report.


The show starts again tonight, and I have big weekend plans to tell you about soon!

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