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Still Catching Up

As noted, the show went very well Thursday night.  It was great to finally have an audience to laugh at our jokes!  The moment I got home,
lonelydumptruck suggested we go out to Taproot for dinner and drinks since Orion's new band, The That Ain't Fairview Trio was playing.


We missed hearing Rogues and Wenches play, they drew the dinner time slot, but we got to hang out and drink with them some.  The first act we caught was an amazing lady named Sophia Street.  I've spent the whole week trying to think of how to describe her act.  Looping?  She had
two microphones and she would record a beat, set it to loop, sing something over it, set it to loop, record a third, loop that and then sing the lyrics into the second mic.  She was amazing.  Pretty Birds That Kill was the second band. , I hadn't heard them in years, so Orion wasn't on until Midnight.  It was a late night but a great time.


Friday  crownwench and lonelydumptruck came to opening night of the show.    Holy crap!  What an incredible show!  They laughed at absolutely everything and I had them in the palm of my hand during my monologues. 


We went out for drinks after, then I picked up Taco Bell and lonelydumptruck and I stayed up too damn late watching television and seeing reviews roll in.  We actually got three reviews of opening night!  And one really, really liked me!


I had to finish a real estate project Saturday morning, so I didn't get to sleep in, but we made bacon wrapped onion rings and baked eggs in them for breakfast, and that almost made up for it.  The rest of the day was puttering around the house and doing little organizing projects. 


Geolinguist came to the show Saturday night.  We weren't as stellar as Friday, but they were an almost silent crowd.  The computer crapped out right before our only sound cue, so one of the actors had to try to make gunfire sounds by banging on a trashcan.  Geolinguist, Pusheen and I got duck pizza after the show and then went for a tiny walk around downtown before I got overcome by the tired and suggested we adjourn to my couch where I could introduce him to Jim Henson's  Creature Shop Challenge.  I was supposed to meet lonelydumptruck at Lilly Godiva's graduation party, but the pull of the couch was just too strong.


Sunday we  got to sleep in some and lonelydumptruck made sweet potato hash browns and bacon before I toddled off to do the show.  We had a better performance for a small crowd.  I got the idea of making pot stickers for dinner so we rushed out to get shrimp and veg.  While we were at the store I remembered we still had two lobster tails in the freezer, so we made three kinds of pot sticker fillings - pork, shrimp and lobster - but only had wrappers for shrimp and lobster stickers.  We gorged on those and watched Sunday night television.


And up soon, the rest of the week!

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