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It's Okay...It's Alright

Just a quick pre-work note again. I'm up to my ears in meetings this week so there hasn't been time to sneak in and write something from the office.

First - a hello to userinfomelissakmock my Second friend to get a livejournal (yay!!) Bow before the power of LJ!! Mark has been thinking about getting one for his playwrighting, just to keep ideas etc. but he jokes he will only do it if he can get the icon of Johnny Cash flipping the bird. I was bored Saturday morning and made one from "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter". A bunch of us sat around and watched that Friday night after we had our fill making fun of the outfits and moves on Soul Caliber. Any movie that starts with the theme song "It's Okay. It's Alright, Everybody gets laaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiid tonight!" you have to respect on some level. It was so horribly wonderful and relentlessly silly, Kathy actually had to call me Saturday morning to check if the movie was as funny as she remembered it being.
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