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Ghost Light

Signs of Spring

I love March.  Not only are the days getting longer and the snow is starting to melt, but Father Crazy put the For Sale out in front of their house again.


I also love March because this is the time of year the brr-lesque takes a break from producing to do something different.   The last few years it's been Brr-lesque Idol, but this year they decided to do a six-week intensive with a Showcase performance of all the student's with perfect attendance.  Since I am not a part of either the intensive or the show, this is six-weeks of not having brr-lesque rehearsals!


lonelydumptruck taught one of the units, so he had rehearsal, but I had the afternoon to fold laundry and take the cable boxes in to sign up for Tivo.  They gave me two new boxes to tie us over until they can do the install on Friday, so instead of two boxes that mostly work, now we have one box that doesn't work at all and one that is giving us ALL THE CHANNELS.


I met up with my derby wife for a quick drink, then with the brr-lesque folks for a quick snack and drinks and THEN family dinner at Lori-O's. She just bought a racelette party grill, which is kind of a table top hibachi.  There were three kinds of protein, brussels sprouts, cheese, much goodness I fell asleep while watching Walking Dead.


But I caught up at lunch today, so let the spoilers begin!

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