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Derby Derby

Thursday's scrimmage was...interesting...

Only Bro, Re-Pete Offender 0014 and I were there to ref so we were all on the inside.  I jam reffed for the first half which was mostly Orange Crush (the B-team) and Rookies.  I've never jam reffed for Orange Crush before!  It was so much fun to see some of these girls I was Fresh Meat with getting to jam!  Poor Zombie took a bad hit to the face and, I think, broke her nose.  She was on the outside edge of the track, so I didn't see exactly what happened.  I actually sent my jammer to the box for a penalty, on a lighter note! I was so proud of me.

Then the second half came.

0014 and I were moved to being Inside Pack Refs.  I haven't done that since the boot camp last Summer, maybe not since Bro yelled at me for screwing it up so badly at the Solstice Scrimmage last year.

Lemme tell ya, Ducklings and Swans, I have not improved.

The first jam I had such laser focus on what was happening with the jammer at the front of the pack, I completely forgot to watch pack definition and make sure the pack stayed together.  The front kept moving forward, the back stayed where it was dealing with the other jammer, a gap wider than what is allowed opened up in the pack, with me standing RIGHT THERE! in the middle of this gap.  At the end of the jam, 0014 just clapped me on the shoulder, "When those No Packs happen?  We do call those!"  And I did it again the second jam *facepalm*

I also broke my three scrimmage streak of Deuce not correcting me.  I failed to see a girl "bridging" (standing between the front and back of the pack to keep a No Pack from being called) and called an out of play on Deuce.  At least she was nice about it,  I did finally get my head out of my ass towards the end of practice and correctly called a few out of plays.

I'm kind of excited to try it again, with less suck.
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