Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Mad Weekend

Busy Busy, but good fun.

Friday night we had registration for jr. derby.  The turn out was great, which was a huge relief.  I gave Riot and her granddaughter, Rainbow Dash, a ride.  When I got to  East Anchorage it was super windy. When we got to South Anchorage there were two flakes of snow blowing around.  Three hours later, when registration was done, the snow was almost up to my knees.  The drive back to East Anchorage was harrowing, it was snowing sideways and we couldn't see a damn thing.  We passed two or three accidents on the highway, the car behind us spun out. Dash was laughing the entire time and complaining about snow blowing in her eyes every time we opened the window to get better visibility...and it a strange way it was really fun!  I've never done anything like it before!

Saturday lonelydumptruck had a meeting with <span style="white-space:nowrap;"><nobr><a href=""><img src="" border="0" align="absbottom"></a><a href=""><b>Kornopolous</b></a></nobr></span> about a new sktech comedy idea.  My Favorite SM is back in town for another opera, and she offered to buy me pizza if I helped her tape put the set.  Pizza happens to be my going rate, so I spent a couple hourse doing that before taking her home and picking up Jerm Warfare to go out to the game in the Valley (per the new rule set, bouts are now called games). I think I saw every part of Anchorage except Hillside in 24 hours.

The game was great, really fast-paced.  I failed, yet again, to call a penalty, but I only had a small take-down and no rink snakes.  There are a couple good pictures of me I will have to steal from Facebook to share here.  After the game I met lonelydumptruck at the Maus Haus for Danger Maus' birthday and then we stayed up way too late watching Hitchcock.

Sunday was lazy.  We finished hanging insulation in the new half of the crawlspace and made a run to Lowes for supplies to work on the old side this week. lonelydumptruck marinated pork for carnitas and we watched Walking Dead.  That was a rough episode,  And that is about life right now...
Tags: brr-lesque, derby, food, stage managing, zombies

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