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I Created a Hand Signal!


They released a new rule-set for derby (I know, I should have eased you into such exciting news, but there it is.  Sorry.)  A lot of them are clarifying language, one of the big ones is that penalties only last 30 seconds now, and they added a penalty for "flopping".

Apparently this is also a thing in other sports, but for those of you as unsports-savy as I am, here is the new rule:

5.16.12 - Intentionally adopting a downed position so as to deceive a referee into incorrectly calling a penalty on an opponent.

Someone made gifs to help explain all these new rules and this is what they came up with for flopping:

This sounds a lot like one of the scenarios they talked about at the ref clinic in Portland: "Your jammer disappears into the pack and suddenly pops up holding her eye.  What do you call?" (Answer:  Nothing.  If you didn't see it you can't determine if she was hit or if she hit someone with her face.)

I brought this up when Bro was going over the new rules with the skaters and it ignited a whole "Why would we do that?!?" discussion which Bro finally ended with "Okay. Look.  If you're skating along, grab your face and fall over, I'm sending you to the box!"  Wookie chimed in, "And giving you a standing ovation!"  And I brought down all the refs in the house with "And that's the new hand signal!"

The whole practice, anytime anyone on the sides clapped for anything, someone would yell "Are you calling Flopping??"

I'm so proud of me.

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