Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Curly Girl

Brian, my hairstylist, not the one who hosts Lundi Gras, had a special event for curly hair Wednesday night.  He brought up a sales/stylist to show off a new line of special products. 


The guy picked a couple people to demonstrate on, it looks amazing but a little in-depth for a wash-n-go girl like me.  I seriously get ready and leave the house in 20 min most mornings, but I am going to play with the sample pack and see how it goes.


The guy was also full of fun facts, like you should never use a regular towel on curly or wavy hair because it takes out too much moisture.  You're better off using a t-shirt.  You're supposed to gel your hair in the shower for the same  reason.  Who knew?


One of my co-workers from when I worked at the bookstore in the long-long ago was there.  I ended up spending a good deal of time catching up with her and chatting with the stylist who wants to dye my eyebrows in the kitchen while most of the party was in getting her hair washed.  That's where all the best parties end up anyway, right?

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