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Last night was Brian's annual Lundi Gras party.  Some years he doesn't get a chance to put the party together so we celebrate Tardi Gras, but this year was right on schedule!


lonelydumptruck heard a podcast about the traditional Mardi Gras parade breakfast being milk punch and deviled eggs made with butter instead of mayo.  I thought that would be a kick to try, but I made them with miso butter, ginger scallion oil and whatever spices I thought it needed from taste to taste.  They turned out pretty well.  lonelydumptruck whipped out the punch Sunday night and made a batch of his famous pralines last night.


Brian's parties are always a great time, a bunch of artists of all different stripes packed into his wonderful studio apartment eating red beans and rice,  gumbo, shrimp boil and jambalaya.  We got to catch up with Scott, Sally and Rebar from Adolph and Emma and see some of Scott's new projects in his studio apartment.


When we go home from the party, we joined Babo for Walking Dead.  Gus and Pippi hung out for a while too, which was great. 


Overall I thought this week's episode was some strong character work.

I totally called Daryl not really having a huge past to illuminate.  Some of that is probably that I'm just not a Daryl-girl.  I still miss Dale.


I loved the song they used to close out the episode, though, I'll have to track it down.  Anyone else think them burning down the house will act as a signal to some of the other survivors, or will it just be a throw-away, rebellion?

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