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Yesterday was derby day!  I slept in a little too much for all that I had to do for Jr. Derby registration at the bout.  I found a place that printed our enrollment packets  for half-price.  Win!  Then couldn't find my stapler to collate them. lonelydumptruck</lj>and I tore the house apart to no avail, so I had to go buy a new one.  I found ours two hours later, of course.  On a windowsill.  Behind the curtains.  D'oh.




The bout was awesome.  I didn't get to skate or NSO, so I helped ma'am the Jr. Derby table the whole time.  Ness was ma'aming the regular recruitment table, so we got to hang out. My Favorite SM is in town for the Opera, and she came to see the bout, so I got to visit with her for a minute.  The All-Stars lost by almost 200 points, but it was a great bout.  I actually saw and yelled out a couple penalties.




While I was at the bout, lonelydumptruck worked in the crawlspace, met




CrownWench for a walk and then played Firefly with CrownWench, Mike D, Long John Thomas and Kornopolous.  They picked a Big Job where they basically had to be the first to earn a fuck-ton of money and have the most money after paying a fine for all the small jobs they couldn't compete in time.  lonelydumptruck won handily.  Pippi and Gus charmed the room by taking turns playing "if I fits, I sits" with our shred box and generally being adorable.




I got to talk to Bro about balancing doing the May tournament and the show in May.  I basically told him what happened and when he finished laughing and cracking jokes about "Oh my God!  You wrote a part for me?!" he said he would keep my availability in mind for the tournament and we'd be all good.  I can't wait!


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