Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

We Did It!

We totally managed to finish our first game of  Firefly last night!!


We got a late start because Rodeo's birthday gathering at Crossroads was also last night and I wanted to stop by to get some derby luv.  They were just starting to play pool and argue about what to play on the too-expensive jukebox, but I had a great time hanging out talking to the likes of Ness U Up, Nockers, Blue Roses, Zombie and Riot.  Rodeo ordered corn dogs and there were way too many jokes about birthday weenies.  It was grand.


We finally got a good dump of snow last night, around 6 inches, so the drive home was less fun, but CrownWench, Kornopolous and lonelydumptruck had beer, salad and pizza waiting as well as the game set up in a more logical layout.


We started where we left off.  Playing was easier, and we were, able to fix some learning-curve mistakes we made before (by actually reading what was on the cards!  Huzzah!)  I got to the first goal of The Big Job first, but lonelydumptruck beat me to the end and won the game.  I think we all have strategies for next time, including doing more illegal or immoral jobs and really dicking each other over with the Alliance and Reaver ships.  The game is only meant for four people, but we're going to try to stress test it with more players on Friday and see how it does.  This means we'll need some new ship names to add to the game.  So far we've thought of the Nostromo, The Heart of Gold, The Cygnus and the Kobiashi Maru. 

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