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And Now, The Rest of the Weekend

Saturday's Brr-lesque was even better than Friday's show - high energy and a crazy-lively crowd.  Lori-O came with some of her friends and had a wonderful time.  Frankie and Lola hosted the after-party. lonelydumptruck</lj>made some ginger and orange simple syrup, at Lola's request, and taught people how to make French 75's.</p>


Sunday morning we slept in and just kind of lazed around for a while. lonelydumptruck</lj>went for a walk with


CrownWench while I stayed home and did Important Things like catch up on the laundry, dust and sit on my ass watching a movie. It's been a really long time since I've just had a day like that.  I watched Side Effects, which was a very different movie than the ads led you to believe. I really enjoyed it, but I'm a sucker for a good thriller.


We made spaghetti for Game night and invited


CrownWench and Kornopolous to come play Firefly.  Good Zod that is a fun board game!  It is so complicated to start that set up and going through the rules took about an hour and covered the whole table, so we adjourned to the living room to eat and watch an episode of Firefly to really get in the mood (plus CrownWench had never seen the show).   We picked Our Mrs.  Reynolds, which was perfect because part of the set-up is hiring crew and I had Saffron on my ship.


Once the game gets started, it is actually pretty easy to play: you hire your crew, then take small jobs like relocating cargo, contraband, passengers or fugitives from one world to another.  Each job gets you "solid" with a contact and comes with a perk (being solid with the Alliance means you don't have to show papers if you draw certain cards, for example).  Every space you move, you draw either an Alliance or a Reaver card (there are other names for those decks, but that was my short-hand) which  cause encounters. The most common cards have you move the Alliance and Reaver ships around so you can force other players into encounters.  We played very nice and kept them well out of the way, though.


As you complete those small jobs, you get money to put towards pulling off The Big Job which is the goal of the game.  There are several, and we picked the one the instructions use as the example.  Each of the Big Jobs is multi-stage and costs a lot to begin.  I had a full crew and finished 4 jobs before we had to pause for the night and I was still a few thousand short.  We played until after 11:30 and left the game laid out so we'll be able to pick it back up later this week.


After CrownWench went home we moved back to the living room to finally finish watching the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (That was the last episode, right?  It's over for a while now?)


Even before the actor who plays Coulson started shooting his mouth off about how people who quit watching the show aren't real nerds, I've been in the fence about sticking with the show. For me it's less an issue of there not being enough of the Marvel Universe in the show (though there isn't) and more a matter of there being too much Whedonverse in it.  Now, I'm a huge Whedon fan but, Dude, you're tropes are showing!  Especially where River Skye is concerned.


I get the need for strong female characters, but another tiny little bad ass with Dark Secrets and A Mysterious Past?  Really?  I am also incredibly bothered by how the revelation of her Dark Past was handled.  Why the fuck would they just start to show us how she reacted to Coulson telling her, cut away, and then come back to have Coulson tell Mai how strong and beautiful she was and the amazing things she said?  That tells me we're looking at one of three things:


A)  The writers didn't have anything amazing enough for her to say.


B)   The actress was not up to the task.


C) Coulson is lying to Mai.


I'm really hoping the answer is C, but I'm afraid if it is, it's not going to be for any grander plot than Skye's Are You My Mommy plot.  And Zod help me, if her mommy turns out to be Mai or her parents are Ant-Man and Wonder Woman as a Very Special Tie-In to those movies, I am turning off my television and I may never watch a Whedon show again.

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