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Oh Crap!

I almost forgot to brag!

My press release was printed in the Press as a letter to the editor.

They printed one about something that happened at Grant Fraser's funeral with the headline "Inappropriate" and then mine right below it with "Appropriate" as the header.

I am just floored.


Here is the plain text of the letters...


As many of your readers are aware, a service for Lance Corporal Grant Fraser was held Monday, August 15, at Kincaid Park. The service was a solemn, patriotic and sporadically humorous remembrance of a fine young man and a fine marine who was killed in action August 3 in Iraq.

Sadly, there was a spoiler in the crowd of over 400 respectful attendees. Major General Craig Campbell interjected himself into the order of scheduled events. Unannounced, before the 21 gun salute, he stepped up to the podium and proceeded to relate generalized platitudes “on behalf of the Governor.” In a clumsy attempt at ceremony, he presented the state flag, flown over the capitol August 12, to the grieving mother. She met this ingratiating gesture with a steely gaze. Why he foisted himself into the service is unclear.

Lieutenant Governor Leman and Mayor Mark Begich respectfully attended the service as did many other generals and Marine officers. Major General Campbell did not know the fallen Marine, nor was he in his chain of command. He had never seen combat. His unscheduled interjection was rude. To use the coffin of a marine killed in action as a soapbox for political aspirations is vulgar and insulting. Were his words not so forgettable, his interruption would have been more outrageous.

Let our servicemen lie in graves marked with Honor and Duty, without the stench of political aspirations or protest. Lance Corporal Fraser died a dedicated Marine. He was the edge of the sword that cares little about party politics. In this respect, the combat forces are pure. Let their memory and sacrifice stay that way.

Major General Campbell should have stayed in his seat.

Marc Robinson

Eagle River


On August 3 Marine Lance Corporal Grant Fraser was killed in Iraq when a roadside bomb hit the troop carrier in which he was riding. Grant was a long-time student and actor with Alaska Theatre of Youth. His mother, Sharon Long, was a member of our board. In memory of Grant's love of and dedication to theatre, ATY has started the Grant Fraser Scholarship Fund. This fund is dedicated to helping students from under-served areas of Anchorage take part in our programs.

If you would like to contribute:

Grant Fraser Scholarship Fund:

c/o The Alaska Theatre of Youth,

P.O. Box 101212, Anchorage 99510

We would like to thank all of the kind souls from Anchorage and around the world who have already given to the Grant Fraser Scholarship Fund. To date we have received donations from individuals and businesses all around the country and even one from China. We are deeply touched by the outpouring of love and generosity this tragedy has sparked. It is our sincere hope that Grant's passion for theatre and performing will live on in future generations of Alaskan actors.

Janet Stoneburner, Alaska Theatre of Youth


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