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We had an epically good Valentine's Brr-lesque last night. Everyone brought their A game and a lot of energy. We were a tad under rehearsed, which actually made it more fun when most everything came off without a hitch.

After the show lonelydumptruck and I went on the search for food. Our first try was Kinley's because they always have a lot of interesting small plate options. Lori-O and lonelydumptruck meet there periodically for wine and snacks. They had a very, very limited menu for Valentine's though, only three small plate and I am allergic to things in two of them, which left me with soup as a less-than-hearty post-show option. Luckily we figured that out before they even came around to let us order beer, so we ditched out and went to Table 6.

They had a much more varied menu, thankfully, but the waitress was a little odd. lonelydumptruck order then seafood pot pie and got stink-eye from her when he added "if you still have it." I ordered meatloaf and asked for substitute mushroom risotto for the mashed potatoes and she made a big deal about how that would cost more. She asked me if that was fine, then asked lonelydumptruck if it was fine, then told me about it again. I assured her I was willing to pay more, since I'm allergic to potatoes. "Oh! But you don't have to get the potatoes! We can get you something else!" she exclaimed. At that point I just reminded her that I HAD ordered something else and just barely stopped short of asking her if it was possible to just get the food we asked for. Both dishes were amazingly good though, and just what we ordered.

We slept in this morning, which was great, then went to the store to get provisions for brunch. lonelydumptruck wasn't fully down with my Chopped brunch idea, he had his heart sent on making butter-poached lobster. I was a touch disappointed, but I knew he wanted to do lobster and was planning on getting it anyway, so no big deal. When we got to the store, we saw they had kumquats! A few months back we bought alligator from the local Asian/specialty grocery store and made General Tso's alligator with spicy peanut rice. It was so good we've made General Tso's pork a few times after that, but we have never been able to find the kumquats the recipe called for, so we substituted those little Cutie oranges. But today - kumquats! And that meant....General Tso's lobster and shrimp for brunch!

The kumquats actually made the dish completely different! They tempered the heat in the rice (and we made it HOT today) and added a nice touch of bitterness. I'm kind of in love. Plus now we have the butter we poached the lobster and shrimp in for another dish. I already have an idea for it.

We watched American Horror Story while we ate. We kind of stalled on the first episode, but finally finished watching it last night and watched the second today. It's clipping along nicely, which I like, and I'm deeply intrigued. I think I will stick with this show. But now, it's time to head out for the brr-lesque show. Have a great night!
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