Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


I got to skate last night! I got to skate last night!  I've missed it so much I almost didn't realize how much I've missed it, you know?


I still suck, but it was okay, I'm better than I used to be., I still didn't make a call but I wasn't felled by a rink snake either (just pushed by Riot when she crashed out of bounds, but I didn't fall!)


I was outside pack ref the whole scrimmage because I was intimidated about sucking as jam ref.  I'll do it next week.  Outside pack reffing is a lot of skating, but my endurance is still pretty good.


We have a new ref, I didn't catch his derby name and he didn't talk to anyone.  We were both outside the whole time and he stayed in rotation pretty well.  I thought he clumped up too much when the pack was slow, but that's me.  I spaced starting position once and OMRefG corrected me.


It's so good to be back!

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