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We're in a deep freeze here.  It was supposed to warm up and snow yesterday and today...we got the barest of dustings and went right back to single digits.


Last night we put Geolinguist on a plane last night.  He is finally off to marry his boyfriend, The Coastie.  I threw together the most last-minute, half-assed "Something Old, Something New" gift bag you've ever seen.  Big Toe insisted he could count as "Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue", so he went along to be a groomsman.  I hope he gets some good pictures.


Geolinguist came over right after work so we went to dinner at Roadhouse.  The Bacon of the Month is poutine with pieces of bacon and bacon gravy, so I just had to try that.  I asked for it with sweet potato tots instead of fries in an attempt to be good.  The sweets kind of overpowered it and drank all the gravy.  I'll just have to go back to try it with fries. Oh darn.


LonelyDumptruck felt like staying in and playing his game, so   Geolinguist and I went to Barnes and Nobel to kill time before heading back home.  The three of us had some couch time and heckled the Olympics until it was time for him to go.

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