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Man, What A Weekend

I mentioned the Civic Orchestra and how damn well that went.  While I was rocking that, I was missing a brr-lesque show.  It was our Powder Puff show, where the hostesses perform and the dancers cover their jobs.  Maus stage managed for me and apparently rocked it, though she says never again. LonelyDumptruck went to help with the door and confirmed that the show was fucking amazing!   I'm kind of sad I missed it!


After our shows we met up at Koots and then headed right home for dinner and staying up way too late.   We watched as much of Gigli as we could stand (24 minutes,  11 of them in the kitchen making dinner) and then settled on watching Heathers.


If you put my hand on a bible, I could not swear I've seen Heathers more than  once or twice before. 


saw it a LOT in college and was able to recite most of the dialogue along with the movie.  It was a grand time!


We got up nice and early Saturday morning, in spite of our late bedtime, and I had every plan to Get Stuff Done.  I made a tactical error though:  I decided to see if my computer can still play You Don't Know Jack on Facebook.  It can, and my entire morning vanished down that rabbit hole.


I managed to pry myself away from the game for a Jr. Derby board meeting.  I was really apprehensive based on our ongoing struggle to find a practice space, but it went better than I expected.  We have one more iron in the fire, so keep your fingers crossed!


Saturday night there was a different brr-lesque show: kamikaze!


Basically the dancers each picked three songs they might like to dance to and and audience picked a number out of The Chalice of Choice.  Instant, improv brr-lesque!  It went over very well with the audience and Crush liked her number so much she's decided to do it next week instead of the Valentine's dance she's been rehearsing.


Sunday was social day!  We met


, The Boy Who Kisses JDawgsPI, Stephanie,  Lilly and Geolinguist for brunch at Beartooth.  After brunch Stephanie,  LonelyDumptruck and I headed to tech for the brr-lesque shows  THIS weekend.  It went very smoothly, so smoothly we all went home super early.


I should have taken a nap with my unexpected downtime, but I spent it watching Food TV, folding laundry and doing a little to get the house ready for Game Night. Sally, one of our new brr-lesque hostesses came over with her boyfriend James, their friend Michael and his girl friend Hilary and Stephanie joined us.  James made moose chili and brought over stuff to make dessert waffles, Hillary made corn muffins with pieces of reindeer sausage inside and we made a salad with homemade blueberry vinaigrette.  We played a full game of Settlers of Catan, a few hands of Cards Against  Humanity, at way too much and laughed until our guts ached and tears rolled down our faces.


After everyone went home, LonelyDumptruck and I settled in to watch Walking Dead.  I'm rather liking where they are going with this season, but I miss Glenn.


I was ill-equipped for a Monday after such a great weekend, but that is another post.

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