Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Fired. That's What Today Is. Fired.

I woke up this morning from a creepy dream and lay there in the dark mentally grounding myself, by running through my day. I start every morning this way, creepy dreams or not.


This morning my brain slowly ticked though "Okay, we deliver files to the Valley today.  Oh!  I have to make sure where my dress pants are since I have a PAC shift and I need to change at lunch.  PAC...okay...if I'm working at the PAC, that's Civic Orchestra and that's THURSDAY!  Boy!  This week went FAST!"


And I leapt from my bed with a song in heart.  I stood there humming as I brushed my teeth because THURSDAY!


Then I looked over at my pack of birth control pills and my heart sank.  The pack was only on Tuesday.


"Oh No!" cried my brain, "How have I missed talking my pills for three days!"


I had Wednesday's pill in my hand and was reviewing the information for how many misssed days is too many to make up when the shoe, finally dropped:  I didn't post anything for Wangsday yesterday, I posted a Muppet Monday, so it really is Tuesday.


And I put Wednesday's pill back and went to work.

Tags: dreams, true stories from the taupe couch, via ljapp

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