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This Is Your TMI Warning

I don't blog about it a great deal, but I have Samter's triad  (  I'm fairly lucky, I was able to get my asthma under control by limiting the amount of salicylic acid in my diet, and food continues to be my main issue.  I try to maintain a low-salicylate diet, and my allergist is very clear that I need to eat some foods on my watch-list to lessen my chances of going into anaphylactic shock if I do encounter them.  I mostly try to balance things - there are some foods like cherries, apples, grapes and melons that I have cleared from my diet entirely.  The rest can be a Jenga game - I know I can have some hashbrowns as long as I don't have a Bloody Mary with cucumber vodka and three olives at the same meal.

Every so often, I go off the rails.

Sometimes I don't realize how far off the diet I am until I start getting really sick. Other  times I make a conscious choice that I am going to eat what I want, dammit.  Either way, I always pay for it.

The last couple weeks I made a decision to eat ALL THE THINGS!
LonelyDumptruck's birthday meal was pizza and I just didn't feel like negotiating the menu, so I had the pizza with blackened chicken and tomato sauce AND jalepenos.  I've been eating every potato put in front of me even though we have sweet potatoes in the pantry. Hot sauce on everything? Yes please!  And I have been paying for it.  My butt has been at Terror Level Orange for the last week.

But here is the strange things, my Ducklings and Swans...

When I get like this, when I realize I'm poisoning myself with food and I need to stop....

I dream about eating apple pie.

I never ate that much apple pie even when I could,  I don't miss it, but I dream about eating it.  Very vividly.  And I don't know what that means.
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