Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Life, As It Is

For all of my complaining, things have been pretty good lately.  The shows are going well, small houses but always double digits.  The Actress is amazing.  We got a strange review in the daily paper, it was more of a critique of the script and a chance for the reviewer to complain about stories dealing with race being told from a predominantly white perspective, so the  Actress was kind of caught in her head about that last night but it was still a strong performance.


LonelyDumptruck had a good birthday.  The whole family went to Moosestooth, ordered too much pizza, ate far more than we should have and had a grand time.  Dad and Ila were in town to help celebrate and Dad spent a lot of time helping LonelyDumptruck says it is part of his quest to become King of the Mole People.


Derby Bible Study has started up again.  I missed the first meeting but made it to this week's.  Knockers has been talking me up as an all-knowing resource which was embarrassing, especially since I hadn't gone over what they covered last week and I didn't have good questions to ask the new girls.  I did a good job explaining things this in week's chapter, though, and I think I finally got my head around a rule about pack definition that has always flummoxed me.


Geolinguist and I hung out Wednesday, as we are trying to do each week until he moves away. He took us to dinner at Table 6 and I got him caught up on Archer.  It seemed a good trade.


That's the news around here. Perhaps I'll talk about the weather tomorrow

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