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Mr. Special Night?

It's been a few days. Part of that is the success of everyone thinking happy thoughts at Scott and Kathy. Thank you very much for that (and that is all I'm going to say). Another part is the joys of being on payroll. I'm putting in 12 hour days between working in the office and rehearsals, but I love it. Mark keeps telling me to start going in to work late to make up for staying late for rehearsals.

The great friend_whoring experiment has ended, and I'm pretty bummed about that. It was fun to read a lot of new journals all in one place and it led me to some interesting new friends.

My asthma has been really bad too, which is pissing me off. I haven't had this much trouble since Camp Shakespeare. It seems like everything I eat is setting me off no matter how careful I am. I'm blaming Mark's sister for starting this off. Friday night we went to Lori's for birthday dinners and she made a wonderful meatloaf from Ila's family recipe. I saw the tomato sauce on top, but figured I could be a little bad in the name of a good family dinner, but the more I ate, the more congested I got. Then Lori and Ila started talking about the gravy mix and Velveeta Cheese they also add to it. I haven't entirely been a Saint since then, though - Wayne's BBQ with lots of sauce, salad dressing at a diner...

Today is Mark's actual birthday. We're going to go to Bennihana's with his mom, step-dad and siblings. It should be fun. Might have a hard time topping Saturday night, though. I got userinfogeolinguist (who is the first of my friends to bow down to the juggernaut that is Live Journal and start his own. Gooble Gobble), Tom, Ron, Scott and Kathy (hmm...I seem to be mentioning Scott and Kathy quite a bit in this entry. I wonder if there is a record for saying Scott and Kathy? I might have to look into that, just to tell Scott and Kathy about it, of course. Anyway..)all went in on an XBox for the birthday boy. Then we went to see the Holiday Hangover show he was in at Cyrano's. I had an elaborate ruse for getting him to the office, where I had it hidden, but that fell vicitm to the strike and drinks tradition of closing night so we ended up waiting at the Peanut Farm until almost 2 in the morning but it was worth it. He really loves it.

The Sunday fund raiser for ANSP went well. Wish there had been more people, but we did make some money for it and the shows were really tight. Mark's family was most of the audience and we stopped to rent Fistful of Boomstick and Simpson's Hit and Run before going to dinner with Dad and Ila.

And in more ANSP news...we have a lead! He's not a tenor, but he read the part very, very well last night. I was sort of hoping the tenor who fell into my lap thanks to a mis-direction of a call I put in to United Way would work out, but that was not to be.
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