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We had a great weekend.  Opening night of Syringa Tree was wonderful!  The Actress' friends made authentic South African ground nut soup for the opening night party.  So, so good.




Saturday we slept in, read in bed until we were good and  ready, and then we went to the municipal greenhouse for some leaf therapy.  We came up with the idea last Summer and it was a humdinger!  The greenhouse was about the size of our house, but there were bird and koi and it was amazing to be around the smell of green, growing things.




After that we made a Costco run and I went to the show while LonelyDumptruck did some pre-functioning before walking all the way  downtown to meet me after the show.  I admit, I was still there because I lost The Actress.  I was waiting for her to come upstairs and she'd already slipped away.  D'oh.




Frankie's band was playing in Frankie's basement, breaking in a new guitarist, which was awesome!    We almost got Taco Bell, as is traditional, but we opted for snacking at home instead.




Sunday morning LonelyDumptruck headed to burlesque rehearsal while I lounged and watch part of Die Hard.  LonelyDumptruck came to the matinee of Syringa Tree, as did Lydia, Sophie and GeoLinguist.  The Actress wants to tour the show to schools, so I introduced  her to Sophie, who is one of those  precocious super smart but still a kid-kids.  She didn't really follow all of the charactera and, most importantly, she didn't get when The Actress was playing a white character and when she was playing a black character.  I think some of that was that this show was the first time Sophie had heard of Apartheid, but I think it gave The Actress a lot to think about.




GeoLinguist came over for dinner after the show.  LonelyDumptruck made an oyster chowder that was really more of an oyster soup, but it was really delicious.  We caught GeoLinguist up on a few episodes of Archer after dinner  which was grand , and Monday came far too soon.


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