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Flying home from Tacoma, a good samaritan popped open the overhead compartment to help a shorter lady get her bags down.  When he moved things, he just started to grin and hollered "Who has the light saber?!?" I immediately put my hand up. "Me!  That's my nerd badge," and there was much hilarity.


This reminded me of a story my mom still tells:


When I was very small we were flying to or from visiting my family in Iowa.  A woman boarded the plane carrying a standard-size kitchen broom.  The whole plane watched her tuck it up in the overhead compartment and no one said a word.


At the end of the flight, she takes the broom down and is standing there with it, waiting to deplane.  I cannot take it a moment longer.  I blurt out "Mommy, why is that lady flying with a broom???"


Everyone on the plane burst out laughing, she stormed out without a word.  A guy behind us patted my shoulder and said, "Oh, Honey, we've all been wanting to ask that!"


I like to think the woman would get a good laugh at my expense now.

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