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Holiday Madness

We've started our Christmas cooking this week, which means we are out of the crawlspace!  We had a company come in to seal the rim joists on Thursday, which was an adventure.  Everything that could have gone wrong for them did, from equipment malfunctions to one of them getting called away on another job less than halfway through.  I made the remaining guy corn dogs for lunch (because that's how I roll, and I saw he had only a bag of chips and a root beer with him.)  When I left for my hair appointment, he was chewing on a corn dog with an "Oh my Zod, if I must die, let it be today?" look on his face, but he got it all done!

We also put the Christmas Brr-lesque show to bed this weekend. kornopolous came to town for the show and to celebrate his 50th birthday...and got food poisoning from eating a calzone at the show - surprise!!  It was a sucky way to spend his birthday, but he says it was still a good weekend.

Thursday was the last derby scrimmage for 2013.  I was one of only three skating refs to come, so I had to jam ref.  It was that or head ref, so I think I made the right decision. :)  I did mostly okay. I asked a couple really stupid questions of 0014, who was  head ref, and I didn't make any calls on my jammer which meant I was skating for the entire scrimmage.  But I did send two blockers to the box and I stood up to Deuce when she questioned a call and she didn't yell for a more experienced ref to come overrule me,

Then I lost my jammer.

See, the jammer refs switch at half-time, so if I'm fucking up for the white team, now I can even things out by fucking up for the black team.  I was following one jammer, I saw the other waaaaaayyy over on the other side of the track, and I couldn't figure out why Re-Pete Offender (the other jam ref) was all up  in my business until he asked if I was reffing black. :"Yeah!" I said astutely. "And the black jammer is..."  well, she was waving at me from the other side of the track.  Re-Pete laughed his ass off,  0014 laughed his ass off,  Honestly, I did too,  Re-Pete told me after then jam "It happens to all of us and you did exactly what you are supposed to do:  you yelled FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!! and went and caught up to her."

The best part was that on Saturday this came across my roller derby ref tumblr:

When jammer reffing and I momentarily lose sight of my jammer

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