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I really did plan to write an update, but time just got away from me yesterday.


Hello and  welcome new people!  The friendzy is still going strong, you should definitely check that out below.   I will be reading more and commenting today (since Little Boss has the day off - muahahahaaa!)


I haven't spent much time working in the crawlspace.  lonelydumptruck has been going strong on the vapor barrier and filling odd holes he found dug under the foundation on one side.  Our best guess is they had to be dug to get at pipes to fix a broken one?  Mommie has a carpenter-friend who is going to come help us bang this out all day Sunday.


Most of my energies have been going to the real estate mail out and little tasks like washing out all the tins for cookies.  The catchphrase this holiday season is Debt Reduction, so we're going to be making all the presents except for our parents, Boo and Kenzie.  Neither of us are crafty, so food is the word.


I have at least two ribs out of joint, the hokey pokey rib and one behind my left shoulder that's sending flares all the way to my ear.  Luckily Dr. Buddy can squeeze me in this afternoon, but I have a feeling this will put a damper on skating for scrimmage tonight. I'll probably still go to help as a non-skating official.

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