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My user pics packages expired and I've been putting off renewing them but I really miss some of my winter icons right now.</p>

Winter has come in like a fucking bear. We've been in a deep freeze made worse by the fact it's always cold in the Warehouse of Misfit Toys.  We're currently under a "wintery weather advisory", which translates as "prepare for ALL the shit."

The original forecast was that it was supposed to warm up last night, dump a metric fuckton of snow, keep warming into sleet, then frozen rain, re-freeze and go back to snow.  All between Midnight last night and Midnight tonight. 

I had such high hopes.  The temperature had gone up 10 degrees while I was at rehearsal and 8 or 10 flakes of snow were gently wafting down.  I so, so hoped it would have the worst out of its system by the time I woke up this morning.   But, no. Just the same 8 or 12 snowflakes blowing around.  I didn't even have to scrape my windshield.

Nope, it had to wait and start pissing down rain when I got to work.  You can actually  HEAR it freezing when it hits the ground.  This bodes so ill for driving and having an audience at the show tonight.


Tags: stage managing, that's anchorage, the warehouse of misfit toys, via ljapp

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