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Many moons ago I asked you, my friends, for help with Sims families. The time has come to ask again.

I have a neighborhood where all of the Sims are inspired by friends. Not that mean-spirited "this is my college roommate living in this trailer with 12 kids" way, but based on their/your interests, jobs etc. For example, I have 2 dear friends who are obsessed with Star Wars. In the neighborhood they are both in the Lars family and one of them has kids named after X-Men and the other has kids named after Simpsons characters. Another dear friend is a lighting designer so his family is named Strand. I have yet ANOTHER dear friend who loves singing and being wenchy - I know what her kids will be named, but can't think of a good surname...


What should I name your family and why? What should the names of your kids be?
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