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WFTDA Announcement
November 11, 2013

As you may be aware, this weekend’s WFTDA Championships featured accusations of rampant cheating by the Hogwarts Slytherin Derby Girls who ultimately defeated Gotham Girls Roller Derby and won the WFTDA championships.

In light of these allegations and in memory of the crater in the track beneath what used to be Suzy Hotrod, a number of new rules and policies regarding the use of magic have been added to the game effective immediately.

All teams may now field a Designated Wizard. The Designated Wizard is responsible for dispelling cantrips, spells, curses, jinxes, or other magicks affecting any team skater. A Designated Wizard may not cast a spell at any player involved in a jam in progress. The team’s Designated Wizard may double as any member of the team’s bench staff or may serve on its roster for a given bout.

Restrictions have also been added regarding the use of non-human creatures among a team’s lineup. Ogres and centaurs may not be fielded as either skaters or bench staff. House elves may serve as a bench wizards but may not be fielded as rostered skaters. Ghosts may serve as team mascots. Dementors may serve as penalty box NSOs. Boggarts are never allowed on the premises of a bout because of their unfortunate tendency to frighten entire teams by transforming into Bonnie Thunders.

Additionally, the following set of rules, hand signals, and verbal cues has been added to the WFTDA rule set.

3.7 Uniforms The team’s Bench Wizard must visibly display a “W” on their clothing, uniform, or arm. If the Designated Wizard is not able to participate in the remainder of the game due to expulsion, fouling out, injury, emergency, or being carried off to Azkhaban, the team may not designate a new Wizard for the remainder of the bout.

6.17 Illegal Use of Magic

Illegal Use of Magic penalties will be given for actions involving magic which interfere with the standard progression of the game, create a safety risk, and/or provide an unfair advantage to the offending player or team.

6.17.1 The use of magic wands, brooms, and other devices including but not limited to magically-enhanced gear, uniforms, and skates is strictly forbidden.

6.17.2 Skaters may not participate in a bout while under the influence of potions. Skaters may not consume potions at bouts while wearing skates.

6.17.3 Skaters may not participate in a bout while under the influence of magical spells that affect the mind or body.

6.17.4 Skaters outside the jam may not cast spells or use magic in any way to affect a jam in progress.

No Impact/No Penalty

6.17.5 Casting a spell at an opponent that does not cause the opposing skater to stumble but not fall or lose relative position.

Major Penalty

6.17.6 Casting a Repello inimucum spell at an opponent that forces the receiving opposing skater out of their established position. This includes forcing a skater down, out of bounds, out of relative position, or into the rafters of the venue.

6.17.7 Casting a spell at an opponent’s skates that transforms the wheels into a non-cylindrical shape. This includes but is not limited to spheres, pyramids, cubes, as well as transforming the skates themselves into a pair of pink bunny slippers. The receiving skater shall not be subject to an illegal procedure penalty for improper skates (see Section 6.13.24), but must remove themself from the track until their skates have been restored to their previous condition.

6.17.8 Summoning an opposing pivot or jammer cover with an Accio spell.

6.17.9 Casting any spell which interferes with the transfer of a helmet cover during a star pass.

6.17.10 Carrying, wearing, or utilizing any magical wand, device, or other apparatus at the jam start whistle. This includes magically enchanted safety gear, uniforms, and skates.

6.17.11 A skater apparating in front of more than one teammate.

6.17.12 A skater apparating in front of any opposing skater.


The following egregious acts will be automatic game expulsions and can be punished as a multi-game suspension (see Section Expulsions will be issued for a conscious and forceful attempt to commit any of the following egregious acts, whether or not the attempt was successful.

6.17.13 Illegal interference in gameplay using magic by skaters or support staff not involved in the jam.

6.17.14 Time travel.

6.17.15 Invisibility or any magic that interferes with normal human perception.

6.17.16 Use of any of the three unforgivable curses. Skaters or bench staff who cast any unforgivable curse should also be referred to the Ministry of Magic for investigation.

6.17.17 Using magic to disintegrating or destroy any part of an opposing skater’s gear, uniform, skates, or the skater themself.

6.17.18 Casting Immobulus, Petrificus totalus, or Wingardium Leviosa upon an opponent during a jam in progress.

6.17.19 Casting Obliviate upon an opposing jammer such that the skater no longer remembers they are jamming.

6.17.20 Magically interfering with the normal functioning of the score board, whiteboards, track lines, any other physical objects necessary for the normal functioning of the bout. This includes gouging the track surface with Defodio spells.

6.17.21 Healing a player with magic Healing spells such as Episkey may be cast by EMTs at their discretion. Any player who receives an authorized healing spell from an EMT will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of the bout.

6.17.22 Cursing or jinxing a referee, non-skating official, announcer, or bout production staff member.

6.17.23 Summoning magical or non-magical creatures that interfere with a jam in progress.

7.2 Penalty Enforcement Procedures

7.2.9 Penalized Wizards may not cast spells from or within the penalty box. Bench wizards may not cast spells into the penalty box.

Verbal cue

The verbal cue for Illegal Use of Magic penalties shall be “magic”.

Hand signal

The hand signal for an Illegal Use of Magic penalty is as follows: hold one’s right hand out as if pointing a wand at an opponent. Raise the hand up slightly and to the side, then loop it around back down and to the center in a “swish and flick” motion.

Referees may not actually cast spells at players while issuing this penalty.

Related referee procedures

Referees should be mindful that magic itself during a game is not illegal.

Referees should refrain from casting spells when possible, but may use their discretion when casting spells that reveal the illegal use of magic. For example, an Aparecium spell.

Counterspells such as Finite and Finite incantatem may be cast at the head referee’s discretion.

Junior derby

The use of magic by skaters under 18 years of age is expressly forbidden. Violators must be reported to the Ministry of Magic.
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