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And a Saturday Was Had

We woke up at  and decided to start on the day. A few days ago our home wireless last week went out andlonelydumptruck</lj>  accidentally broke the antennae while fixing the router so today's project, after breakfast and catching up on Top Chef was drilling holes and running cable through the crawlspace solonelydumptruck</lj>can play xbox in the mancave and I can use my computer in the office.




There was a pop-up museum in Fairview, the neighborhood where we lived when I started this 'journal so many moons ago, so we went to check that out.  It was  outside and chilly as well, so we didn't stay long.  They set up five tents or so and were handing out donuts and hot chocolate.  The Anchorage museum was there taking pictures for a Faces of Fairview exhibit in one tent, there was information about projects (gentrification) in another and a third was the obituary and pictures of an Alaskan dancer/vaudevillian who just passed away and information about his memorial later tonight.  We missed hearing our friend Orion play but the guy who was on when we got there was hi-larious!  He was just singing stream of consciousness so it was lyrics like "No woman no cry/no Fairview no crime.  Oh, a plane's flying by."  We both got to tell stories about living in Fairview to a local reporter too.




I survived my first winter drive.  The snow turned into freezing rain, which terrifies me.  Timelord did the drive to the Valley for derby but I had to get across town to their house.  Lindy did okay, but her "OMG!  We're gonna die!!!!" light came on every time I touched the gas pedal.




The bout was good, kind of penalty heavy.  At one point there was a clusterfuck where both teams thought the jam had been called off and left the track while the jam was still on.  I didn't fuck up, but I still didn't make a call and there were no rink snakes.




The roads were insane getting back.  We passed an accident with five police cars, a fire truck and two ambulances.  That was sobering but we made it back and I was even brave enough to drive to Frankie's to hang out with him and
lonelydumptruck</lj>for a while before we headed home.  There was even Taco Bell in it for me.




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