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I keep getting better, bit by bit! 




I got to be outside pack ref for our Halloween Smash-Up bout on the 26th!  Smash-ups are practically fun bouts, they divided the league into two teams - Voodoo Dolls vs. VentrilsKilla Dummies.




I didn't make a call, but I didn't fuck up either and I only fell victim to one rink snake.  I just toppled over right between jams right near the penalty box.  All the NSOs penalty timing cracked right the fuck up.  I was laughing too.  Jackin'  Her Box, my committee head, was in the pack and popped her head up, very worried and actually signaled "Are you OK??" to me.  It was very sweet.




I stayed in the rotation well, I think.  It's hard to explain in text, but the three OPRs divide the track so there is one with the pack, one kind of watching the back and one ready to pick up the pack at any time.  I think of it as delivering the package to the ref in front of me, then dropping back to pick to the package from the ref behind me.  I mentioned to Bro, who was one of the other  OPRs, at the afterparty that I sometimes felt like I might have been out of position because I was skating so much, but my theory was that if I didn't see someone in front of me, keep going.  He applauded that.




I'm OPR for a bout in the Valley tonight.  I'm kind of nervous about making the drive alone anyway and it just started snowing and I haven't changed my tires yet, so I'm going to carpool with Timelord and his wife.  Wish me luck!


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