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Brrrr Dammit!

Okay, it's 6 below out there, my hair is soaking wet and the bus comes in 10 minutes. I think this is a fine time to spring for a cab, don't you?

Tonight begins The Week of Mark Birthday Festivities. We're supposed to go have dinner at one of his sister's tonight to celebrate his birthday and his Dad's since Dad and Ila are in town for a few days, Saturday is the Gathering of Friends after the Holiday Hangover Show.(Friends, I think I told all of you, but just in case, we can hide the item at ANSP but we can't play with it there.) Sunday is the big fund raiser for ANSP and probably dinner with someone after before I go to rehearse with Scriptless and then Tuesday is dinner with Mom and family to celebrate The Day itself. Phew! And Tom was really wanting to go see Raiders of the Lost Ark at Beartooth this weekend!

I totally over-shopped for Mark too. I'm thinking of giving him one thing per gathering and then doing some silly stuff like putting something in his car Tuesday morning.

I have to say - I love doing the fund raising at work. Yesterday I had to go pick up a gift certificate to Humpy's that will be given as a door prize on Sunday. The lady there was kind of grumpy about it. Understandable, since I kind of blindsided her. I was trying to get a food donation for the one I was running last weekend and she mentioned "Well, we usually don't do that, we prefer to give away coupons for dinner for two..." "Really? Funny you should mention that since we also happen to be...." Anyway, I managed to get both the food and the coupon out of her, so when I went to get it yesterday she said "You guys better throw me some free tickets for this." I just handed her an envelope with 4 tickets to opening night and her jaw DROPPED "NO way?!?"

Touching wood (compulsively) as I write this, things really seem to be falling into our laps and wiggling over at ANSP. Jim told Laura Wednesday that since she's selling her house, she should mention to her realtor that we are in the market for a 2000 sq ft. warehouse space with attached offices. 10 am yesterday morning...Plop. Realtor calls and by 3:00 we're looking at a space that is, while not ideal, perfectly serviceable. Sarah is talking about our Iditarod Show while out to lunch Monday...Plop. Guy at the next table just happens to belong to a Rotary Club which is holding it's annual meeting about the Idiatrod on Tuesday and he wants to know if "the dogs" can come sing and do some monologues from it.

On a theatre-unrelated note - Please think good thoughts for my friends Scott and Kathy.
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