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Star Trek: Into Darkness

We went to Bear Tooth with Geolinguist to see this, finally.  I'm a fan of the reboot, but this one was not as much fun.



I was spoiled about the OMG identity of the villain going in, of course.  I was guessing it was going to be Kahn from the first previews and had a bet with LonelyDumptruck about it because, frankly, they would want the second movie to rock and what else were they going to do?  Save the whales?


That said, I was a little torqued about being spoiled, but really the only effect was that Geolinguist and I had more time to whisper jokes about rich Corinthian leather. Even if I hadn't known, I think they tipped their hand pretty hard with the early use of Spock's "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one" and Scotty pitching a wobbler about the warp engines' being big nuclear reactors.


I really liked how they handled Kahn's character and storyline overall.  I'm also a fan of Bad Ass Spock,  but I am well and truly over the convention that every single thing has to happen to Kirk or Spock. 


As soon as Bones injected the tribble with Kahn's blood, I knew there was not going to be any cliffhanger with the Genesis planet and I really, REALLY wanted Chekhov to be the one to go in the chamber.  When it wasn't, I was pissed off enough to be taken out of the movie to the point that when the giant evil Enterprise was crashing into San Francisco I whispered to LonelyDumptruck "Somebody's going to get killed by a flaming toilet seat."


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