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So. We had Derby Bible Study, as Calamity has taken to calling it, last night.  Wookie has become a regular and is AWESOME at explaining rules and scenarios as we go through the rule book line by line. The Fresh Meat are being likewise awesome in tolerating my extra questions and tendency to try to answer questions.  I feel like I'm monopolizing things, but they always reassure me. Like last night, Wookie and I got off on a long tangent about intent:  can you really tell if the girl "intended" to back block?  Then Wookie looked left, looked right and got a wicked-knowing smile on her face. "Okay.  Do you ladies really want to SEE intent? Hell yes we do! So Wookie pulls out her phone and shows us this video: If my linking skills blow, what you should be seeing is footage where one skater just lifts her arm and brings it down on another skater's head like she thinks she's Fezzik the Giant. I was the only one who saw it in real-time and I just blurted out "Holy God!" Wookie beamed at me like I was her star pupil, "Now THAT is INTENT!"
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