Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


Best Derby Conversation of the Week:




The set-up:  we're Mommie's birthday party, and I'm sharing the first time they let me ref at a scrimmage...




Ghost_Light: ...and it's a major penalty to skate out of bounds to avoid a hit, but Princess does it .  Right in front of me.  But I can't remember what you CALL it, so I'm flailing, and Wookie is skating behind her just laughing and saying, "Really?  REALLY?"  And finally calls it "Skating out of bounds, major!"







LonelyDumptruck: The penalty for skating out of bounds is "skating out of bounds"?




Ghost_Light: ....yes...







LonelyDumptruck:  Did Wookie send you to the penalty box?




Ghost_Light  She should have!!


Tags: derby, via ljapp

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